Viga Delay Spray In Pakistan

Viga Spray Price in Pakistan | Best Delay Spray in Pakistan

Original Viga Spray Price in Pakistan Would you like to buy stud 100 spray online in Pakistan? You can currently purchase imported quality stud 100 splashes from EbayStore.Pk. We bring 100% unique stud 100 splashes from Amazon. Viga Delay Spray in Pakistan We have recorded all stud 100 splash dealers and brands side by side. Therefore costs so you can make a classy stud 100 shower evaluation and super viga perform. Spray for premature delay of sexual power Prolong for men.

Functions Of Viga Spray: EbayStore.Pk

1-New Super Viga Spray, Viga 150000 is a topical sedative used to prolong erection and delay climax
2-Spray a light amount 2 to 3 sprays on the leader About 5 minutes before intercourse Viga Spray Price In Pakistan
3-Recommended for use with a condom (Wear a condom while showering)
4-Contains 10 G lidocaine and vitamin E
5-This item is not demonstrably preventive

HOW TO USE: How long does Viga Spray work?

Wash your penis 1.
Apply 3 short sprays to the penis
1. on the upper part of the penis, 2. on the middle of the penis and 3. on the lower part of the penis.


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Viga Delay Spray In Pakistan
Viga Delay Spray In Pakistan

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